Learn How Local Dinosaur Tracks Are Made

The following illustrates how dinosaur tracks are formed. It is a process lasting as long as it takes for the mud to harden into stone.

How dinosaur tracks are made - a dinosaur steps in mud

Dinosaur steps in mud.

How dinosaur tracks are made - the dinosaur foot leaves an impression

Dinosaur leaves foot impression (mold) in mud.

How dinosaur tracks are made - flood fills impression with new mud

The next flood fills in the foot impression with a new layer of mud creating a cast.

How dinosaur tracks are made - mud hardens into stone

After the mud hardens into stone we come along years later and separate the layers again. If it wasn't for the high amount of mica in the stone - the layers of stone would not separate as easily.

How dinosaur tracks are made

Above is what a dinosaur track looks like from the side after it is removed from the ground . One always gets a mold (impressed) track and a cast (raised) track . However, in the removal process one track or the other may be damaged . We make every effort to keep each track intact .

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