Dinosaur Papers

This is the original deed dated July 5, 1939 in which Carlton Nash and his brother Harlan Nash bought the Nash Dinosaur Track Site . The original purchase contained one and 3/4 acres and cost $85.

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1939 Deed For Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry

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Our Current Brochure

Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry & Rock Shop Brochure - Front
Nash Dinosaur Track Quarry & Rock Shop Brochure - Back

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Petrified Footprints - Dinosaur Tracks

Petrified Footprints

The World's Oldest Authenticated Mementos May Be Purchased By You. Sold Exclusively By: Carlton S. Nash, South Hadley, MA

Talking Petrified Footprints - Dinosaur Tracks

Talking Petrified Footprint

What has the dinosaur to do with modern homes and gardens?

Dinosaur Tracks As Conversation Pieces

Conversation Pieces

Add these fascinating and humorous conversational pieces to your fireplace, terrace, garden walk, bird bath, pool, patio, museum, rock garden, or use for novel book ends, ash trays, paper weights, door stops.

Dinosaur Tracks At Stanley Park

Dinosaur Tracks At Stanely Park (Westfield, MA)

Over one hundred million years ago, Dinosaurs roamed the earth. In this part of the United States practically the only traces we have of their existence are some footprints that were left in mud which later hardened into stone.

Dinosaurland - Unique Dinosaur Track

Unique Dinosaurland

Originated by Carlton Nash, the fame of Dinosaur Land has spread all over the world. Visitors have come from Europe, Asia and Australia to see these rare pieces

Dinosaur Footprints In The Sands Of Time

Footprints On The Sands Of Time

Dinosaurland is one of America's wonderlands. With remarkable detail these famed footprints have been preserved down through the ages. In seeing these "conversation pieces" one can visualize what this world must have looked like eons ago.

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