The following is a brochure from the early days of Nash Dinosaurland. The text from the brochure is provided in the right hand column. Please note, the prices given in this brochure are not valid today.

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Petrified Footprints For Moderns


- The World's Oldest Authenticated Mementos May Be Purchased By You.

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Dinosaurland Brochure - Petrified Footprints For Moderns

A famed scientist planned and owned these attractive doorsteps. The home belonged to the late president Edward Hitchock of Amherst College. It is now owned by Professor Orton L. Clark of the University of Massachusetts which is also in Amherst.

The late famed General George S. Patton, Jr., was a proud owner and admirer of dinosaur tracks. His daughter wrote us, "Daddy and Mother had always longed to have a set of tracks... My father was very much interested in them and was terribly pleased when he was home last summer to see them in the library."

The world's oldest authenticated symbols of life on this earth were made by dinosaurs well over a million years ago. So completely rare were they until recently when an apparent breeding ground or waterhole for these pre-historic monsters was discovered, that geologists and other people traveled thousands of miles to see treasured museum specimens of their footprints.

In 1933, Carlton Nash, a young geologist, discovered a stony ledge in South Hadley, Massachusetts, which contained "some imprints" left by the ponderous prehistoric dinosaurs that dominated life on this planet during this early geological period. Seven years later, after completing further studies in geology at Amherst College, he purchased the small area containing his secret find.

Discover of this two-acre ledge established further imperishable proof that dinosaurs once freely roamed this valley and of Nature's great geological "embalming" process. The mud, in which these prehistoric creatures once walked, first became petrified because of its clayish-iron and cement-like mixture, and later it was compressed by the great glacier which covered the earth during the Ice Age. Then along came volcanic actions and consequent earth's warpage which brought the prints back to the surface where they were finally exposed by erosion -- thereby completing the cycle Now we have valuable and authenticated records, preserved in stone, to be passed along to future generations.

They have become available for a slightly wider distribution than in former years to those who appreciate something rare and unusual in their home or garden. Naturally, the supply is limited as "this model went out of production over a million years ago."

Excavation and processing of these footprints is a tedious task requiring the expertness of several skills, lest some treasured relic be lost. But the modest prices are only commensurate with a fair return of property investment and the "unorganized" labors of a geologist. A small amount of capital invested in dinosaur tracks will increase rapidly as their availability decreases. Pride of ownership will be your annual dividends.

Petrified Footprints

Millions of years ago such mammoth pre-historic creatures as these ruled the world. Unwittingly, for the brain capacity was apparently small, they left imperishable footprints to decorate the modern world with conversational pieces.

Today, modern civilization and the quest for knowledge prospers on a business that was forever "on the rocks." Carlton Nash is shown here excavating his hidden assets.

Two general types of tracks are excavated -- one a depressed imprint, and the other a raised track. Further interest and significance is found because of these "mated" tracks. The depressed ones were made first, partially solidified, and then nature filled them in to make the matched track. Some people place a higher value on the raised tracks because they represent two distinct geological periods. Others like the depressed type.

This is what Dale Carnegie says:

"I want you to know how much I have enjoyed owning Dinosaur prints. I prize them very highly. Every time I look at them, I get a sense of perspective and of my own insignificance."

"My friends are pop-eyed when I show them footprints made by dinosaurs 180,000,000 years ago."

Petrified Dinosaur Footprints

Belle Skinner, of Skinner's famous Satins, Wisteriahurst estate has this long driveway paved with Dinosaur Footprints.

Add a fascinating or humorous touch to your fireplace, terrace, garden walk, bird bath, pool, patio, museum, rock garden, or use for book ends, ash trays, paper weights, door stops. They make rare gifts for which you will be long remembered.

It is not surprising that folks place these timeless symbols in their homes and marvel at them -- the oldest authenticated mementos the world will ever have. They are the visible evidence of that world before the creation of men and a never ending source of wonder to those who behold them. This is why so many outstanding people and museums have purchased them.

Prices are determined by prominence, length, rareness of track, and size of the slab. They are subject to increase as evidence presents itself of depletion of tracks in this small, only known area of excavation.

  • 4 large tracks in sequence and many medium $3000
  • 3 large tracks in sequence and many medium $2,000
  • 2 large tracks in sequence and many medium $1000
  • 3 large tracks on large slab with several medium tracks $1,000
  • 3 large tracks on medium slab with several medium tracks $700
  • 3 large tracks on small slab with several medium tracks $475
  • 2 large tracks on medium slab with several medium tracks $275
  • 1 large track on medium slab with several medium tracks $150
  • 2 medium tracks on large slab $150
  • 5" to 15" track - $15.00 to $100.00

Pieces are also cut for special dimensions. An attempt has been made to price these pieces according to quality, but it should be realized that because they are so rare no two slabs are alike.

Very rare museum special types are available, and information about these may be had upon request. Pieces are sold with a return privilege minus a small packing fee. Carefully packed and insured by us all shipments are prepaid.

We are very grateful to Professor Orton Clark of Amherst for allowing us to use his name in authenticating these imperishable tracks.

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