The following is a brochure from the early days of Nash Dinosaurland. The text from the brochure is provided in the right hand column. Prices given below are not valid today.

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Dinosaur tracks - conversation pieces

For Homes and Gardens

(They're Unique, Exciting and Fascinating)

Says the dinosaur--

"Come with me; this may be our final visit, for with our going now we may not come again. We have left our foot-prints indelibly on the 'Sands of Time'."

We see the rocks that were mud when the earth was in its infancy, there lies the ridge, the pleasant valley beyond. We see the surface mantle of till and soil from which spring grasses and trees, and men walk about--oblivious of the eventful past.

What has the dinosaur to do with modern homes and gardens?

(These are genuine footprints, not casts)


Dinosaur tracks are conversation pieces

Add these fascinating and humorous conversational pieces to your fireplace, terrace, garden walk, bird bath, pool, patio, museum, rock garden, or use for novel book ends, ash trays, paper weights, door stops. They are subject to increase as evidence presents itself of depletion of tracks in this small, only known area of excavation. They make rare gifts for which you will be long remembered.

Belle Skinner, of Skinner's famous Satins, Wisteriahurst estate has this long unique driveway paved with Dinosaur Footprints.

Prices of these unique tracks are determined by length, prominence, *p**e and size of slab. All pieces listed are of museum quality.

5" to 6" tracks on stone appx. 6" x 8" $12.00, 15.00, 20.00, 25.00.

7" to 8" tracks on stone appx. 12" square $35.00, 40.00, 50.00.

Matted 7" tracks i.e., impression and layer of petrified mud that settled in track $45.00 per pair.

11" to 15" tracks $75.00, 100.00, 125.00

16" to 20" tracks $150.00, 175.00, 200.00

Pieces with several tracks appx 3' x 2' or 3' x 3' $300.00.

Pieces with several tracks appx. 5' x 2' or 4' x 4' $400.00

Pieces with 10 tracks appx. 6' x 3' $1,000.

It should be realized that because these tracks are so rare and the supply so extremely limited no two pieces are exactly alike except pieces showing stride. Information will be sent upon request about larger pieces for terraces, patios, breezeways, lawns, driveways, door steps from 3 to 20 feet square with up to 40 tracks on them.

Dinosaur bone 3" - $5.00, 5" - $10.00, larger $20.00

Dinosaur gizzard stones (used for grinding and digesting food in bird like stomachs of Dinosaurs) weighing 30 tons $5.00, 10.00, 20.00.

Extremely rare gizzard stones with fossils (Bromozone, Coral) $50.00, $100.00.

Petrified Clams 6" in diameter $50.00

1/2 Billion year old Rare Crinoids, flower like, fossil Marine Animals (Pond Lillies) showing brilliant delicate flower, stem or root system. $40.00, $100.00.

Western fossil fish 6" to 8" $20.00

Very rare Massachusetts fossil fish 6" to 8" $30.00

Obsidian (volcanic glass) $10.00

Mica $5.00 per 3" x 3" piece

6" Plastic tracks $2.00; 13" Plastic tracks $4.00

We shall be pleased to answer any further questions. When ordering, please allow $1.00 for shipping costs.

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