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Petrified Footprints For Moderns


Where The Pages Of Time Unfold

200 million years ago


One of the world's Great Natural Wonders located in Western Massachusetts on Route #116, South Hadley, is DINOSAUR LAND, just off the Massachusetts Turnpike. Seen here is the world's largest concentration of footprints left by prehistoric animals -- the Dinosaurs. It is open daily and Sunday throughout the year.

Dinosaurland Brochure - Petrified Footprints For Moderns

Originated by Carlton Nash, the fame of Dinosaur Land has spread all over the world. Visitors have come from Europe, Asia and Australia to see these rare pieces. A model of a Dinosaur, a 200 million year old "live" building, the only building in the world made of Dinosaur tracks, marks the place. With ample parking space one enters the unique building made of Dinosaur Tracks. The path leads to the ancient water hole or breeding ground where one may walk on the footprints. What could be more fantastic or fascinating than to step where a huge monster stepped 200 million years ago?

Little tracks and huge ones may be seen here in this quarry. The year around traveler is astounded by the number of footprints exposed in the layers. The visitor sees, touches and photos "where time has petrified history". He stands and ponders time -- which takes him out of this hurried world to eons ago; when this was a steaming hot jungle-like area. Large and small Dinosaurs lived here in Pioneer Valley and left their "Footprints On The Sands of Time."

For perhaps 50 million years before, the amphibians had lived and clung to their existence in rushes and ferns, that grew swiftly and died swiftly which made the vast coal beds of the world. But the sluggish amphibians were soon to emerge into one of the most fascinating, intriguing times the world has ever known -- the Dinosaur age. It was a crucial adjustment.

These new creatures began to develop forelimbs which were becoming arms and had become to rise up on hind legs. Some grew to enormous size; some became vegetarians, others vicious reptiles; some strode on two feet, others reverted to four, some were docile beasts, others were vicious carnivores -- the most destructive beats to ever roam the earth. Truly the golden age of Dinosaurs had arrived.

In this age, Massachusetts was covered by lush fertile swamps lowlands, where Fig and Palm trees grew -- luxuriant growths of plants were everywhere. In this environment, naturally the Dinosaurs flourished. The climate was very warm and humid with seasonal rains probably a few months apart.

On the shores of the lowland mud, the Dinosaurs walked. To the east and to the west of Dinosaurland lay hills and mountains. With torrential rains beating on these mountains they brought sediment down on to this vast expanse of marshland. The Dinosaurs walked across the mud flat, thereby leaving footprint impressions. A period of aridity then took place from the blazing sun, therefore baking that layer quite hard before

Petrified Footprints

another monsoon rain took place. This layer was baked sufficiently hard to not be obliterated by the next storm. When the next storm came it washed sediment onto the track, thus creating -- when the layers are separated an impression and a "matched" or raised track. Sometimes the cleavage is so well that both are preserved but many times neither can be saved.

The texture of the mud in which these prints were preserved probably was clay, iron, mica, crystalline rock and cement. Then due to compaction from the great glacier they were petrified, therefore, they are everlasting. At world famous Dinosaur Land one may see or buy tracks from 4 inches to 23 inches, where a Dinosaur sat down and left tail impressions, fossil fish, large pre-historic clams, rare Crionoids 300 million years old, petrified wood, Dinosaur Verterbraes, Gizzard Stones, highly polished by the Dinosaurs, used by them to grind their food, Dinosaur bone, leg bone over 4 feet long. A rare piece of Dinosaur Egg Shell from the Gobi Desert in China which are the only ones that have ever been discovered.

Dinosaur Land was discovered by Carlton S. Nash who came upon the old stone ledge among a thicket of brush and trees. The first clue he picked up was a toe nail mark. This was the beginning of the uncovering of the world's largest Dinosaur Track deposit -- twenty-nine different layers. The first owner wouldn't sell. In the meantime Carlton grew up, had his back fractured in an automobile accident and nearly went broke. After a ten-year struggle with a rheumatic condition, being a human Guinea Pig for the National Arthritic Foundation, he has emerged victorious. With sheer determination Nash finally bought the area and began operations in 1939. Nash studied Geology at Amherst College and the University of Colorado, has spent many summers on expeditions on the great western plains digging Dinosaur remains which he displays at his "one hundred million" year old headquarters in South Hadley. While the quarry is not large in area, it is the number of layers that is magnificent. To date hundreds of footprints have been quarried, excavated and sold to those who "have everything" about their home and garden. The lower layer is not yielding as many prints and "stock is out of production", therefore, it is not surprising that people come to Dinosaur Land from all corners of the world to see and purchase footprints made on this earth some 200 million years ago. They make excellent Conversational Pieces for fireplaces, door steps, patios, breezeways, flag walks, points of

Petrified Dinosaur Footprints

interest in lobbies, dens, gifts, museums, collections, rock gardens, book ends, paper weights, ash trays, around pools, terraces. Some who have our footprints are the Maytags (of washer fame), Skinners, Carnegies, Pattons, and John Cameron Swayze. The supply is limited. Our prices are modest, we ship anywhere prepaid.

DINOSAUR is truly a pre-historic hideaway. No trip to New England is complete without a visit to DINOSAURLAND. Everyone will enjoy the attractions unlike anything else in America.

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