The following is a brochure from the early days of Nash Dinosaurland. The text from the brochure is provided beneath the image.

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Dinosaur footprints in the sands of time

For Those Who Have Everything

Dinosaurland is one of America's wonderlands. With remarkable detail these famed footprints have been preserved down through the ages. In seeing these "conversation pieces" one can visualize what this world must have looked like eons ago.

Millions of years ago the Dinosaurs walked on the shore of a great lake in New England and left their footprints in the mud. Due to the consistency of the mud, it hardened to stone. Glaciers then began to cover the area. The compaction of the enormous weight of this helped preserver these unique pieces. Through erosion of glacial deposits thousands of feet thick and the earths warping and tilting they were gradually exposed. Is it any wonder people gaze in awe at these tracks in homes and gardens?

Excavating and processing is a tedious task requiring the expertness of several skills lest some treasured piece be lost.

To general types of tracks are excavated -- one a depressed imprint, and the other a raised track. Further interest and significance is found because of these "mated" tracks. The depressed ones were made first, partially solidified, and the nature filled them in to make the matched track. Some people place a higher value on the raised tracks because they represent two distinct geological periods. Others like the depressed type. The tracks are not as abundant as they first were and it is not known how deep the ledge extends.

Here in the world's largest and oldest Dinosaur foot print beds, one may purchase these rare pieces as fascinating, curious, humorous, educational "talking footprints" for indeed they do reveal life of a lost era. These footmarks have found favor among the discriminating who wish something different.

Dale Carnegie says:
"I want you to know how much I have enjoyed owning the Dinosaur prints. I prize them very highly. Every time I look at them, U get a sense of perspective and of my own insignificance. My friends are pop-eyed when I show them the footprints made by dinosaurs millions of years ago."

Mrs. George S. Patton, wife of the famed General George S. Patton, Jr., was a proud owner and admirer of dinosaur tracks. His daughter wrote, "Daddy and Mother had always longed to have a set of tracks".

Humor: At the turn of the century my grandmother, traced the progress of where a Dinosaur walked along and then exclaimed, "and there is where he stepped over the fence".

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